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Firstly, this site is dedicated to fans of the dummy-destroying games in the Dismount series. If you have not heard of them or never played them, you may download them from this site, Here


I would just like to say thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site as it is expanding constantly. Cheers, everyone!

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The first game, 'Stair Dismount', involved pushing a test crash dummy down a set of stairs, attempting to obtain the most damage to the dummy. Settings such as angle and force are adjusted and 'Dismount' is pressed. Then, you watch what happens with the options you have set and observe the score that is hopefully climbing.

Proving a success, 'Truck Dismount' was created a year later. It was the on the same basis, but involved a truck hitting the crash dummy instead. There were more options within the game giving far more options and playability. An online high score list is still up to this date (built-in with the game) and many users still compete for #1.

As Truck Dismount proved to be even more popular than Stair Dismount, the Dismount games producer (Jetro Lauha) created 'Dismount Levels Preview' another year later in 2004, which contains a fully usable editor so the public can create their own small Dismount games (mods).

All games are small downloads and 100% free.

We hope you enjoy the site.

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