Truck Dismount Version 1.0.1 (latest)

Stair Dismount Version 1.0.2 (latest)

Dismount Levels Preview Version 0.4.0 (latest).
Dismount Levels Preview Version 0.3.1.

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To learn how to to play the mods below in DLP, check out this link.

The following Mods are for Dismount Levels Preview version 0.4.0:

Mäkiturvat by Heikki Keränen. (Long Jump Mod)
Allasturvat by Heikki Keränen. (Diving Mod)
Spiral Staircase Dismount by Heikki Keränen.
Miinaturvat by Heikki Keränen. (Minesweeper Mod)
Vyoryturvat (Preview) by Heikki Keränen. (Avalanche Mod)
Dismount Pinball by Heikki Keränen.
Target Dismount by Heikki Keränen.
Torture Dismount by Brute.
Sleeper's Minefield by ManDay.
Torniturvat by GynZi (modded for DLP V 0.4.0 by Silencer).

The following Mods are for Dismount Levels Preview version 0.3.1:

Torniturvat by GynZi. (Building Mod)
Pennywise and Navanax Levels - Numerous levels, see the readme files.
Shroditurvat by Shrodes (Long Jump Mod)
Olympic High Jump by Shrodes.
Trampoline Dismount by Shrodes.
Stapleman by Shrodes.
No Name Game by R2Blend. (Labyrinth Mod)
Ragdoll Generation Mods by Snip3r. (Play-around Mod)
Falling Blocks Dismount by Joćo Guilherme Garcia Castro.
Torniturvat Modded by Silencer.
Dismount Avalanche by Bleach.
Enemy Dismount by Vdeogamer.

If a download does not work, try right clicking the link and selecting 'Save Target As'. If you still have problems, email D4T@Mail.com.

Also, feel free to send us your mods!. Thanks.


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